Star Energy Group plc is a British energy company

Our primary focus has been on oil and gas extraction, but we are now using our existing and highly complementary skill set to develop and build a geothermal business of scale, as we transition to a renewable future.


UK onshore fields


barrels net production

£ 0 million

distributed to community fund projects


UK geothermal plants possible by 2050

At a glance

Star Energy has played a key role in Britain’s onshore energy production; safely exploring, developing and producing onshore oil and gas at our sites for over three decades. Our management and technical teams have many years of experience in onshore energy production and most live and work in the communities in which we operate.

What we do

We are the operator of the largest number of onshore oil and gas fields in Britain.

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Purpose, vision and strategy

Our purpose is to provide for today’s energy needs responsibly, whilst transitioning to low-carbon sources of energy for tomorrow.

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Our Team

A Board with demonstrable skills and experience in energy.